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Our Needs - Please Donate


The top two images are the buildings which the Vineyard hopefully will purchase in August. The image underneath is an engineer's rendition of what the center will look like after the remodeling. The buildings and the various expenses to complete the sale will cost approx. 100k. It will require approximately another 75k for the modifications to be made in order to operate the center for helping Clay County's homeless. We will have a full kitchen, training rooms and living quarters to house the homeless as we help them "transition" from being homeless to readjusting back into society. Our biggest need is that of finances. God's people doing God's work need God's people to allow them to be used of to provide the financial needs of the ministry to our county's homeless.


National ministries are great and we are thankful for those who support them. This ministry is local here in Clay County and we are dedicated to helping the homeless right here in our back yard! Please consider making a financial investment into changing lives with the love of Jesus Christ through His people who are willing to volunteer to help the homeless become readjusted back into society. Your gift is both tax deductible and privately secure. Our prayer is that God blesses you as you give.

The Vineyard Transitional Center is in need of laundry supplies such as: bleach, detergent and fabric softener. Please contact John Sanders @ 904-305-4641

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The Shelter needs your monthly support

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of The Vineyard's ministry to the homeless of Clay County. Your monthly support will allow us to continue to help the homeless become hopeful in re-entering society as a citizen who can maintain and reside in their own living quarters. Won't you consider donating today? Please help us help them. May God bless you as you do.

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