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Exciting Things About to Happen

Updated: May 20, 2018

Some exciting things are about to happen for the homeless in Clay County, FL

The homeless of Clay County are going to have a place of hope and healing where they will have shelter, nourishment and opportunities to life classes and counseling that will help them re-enter society with employment and a place they can call their home.

Something Exciting

Clay County Will Finally Have a Place for The Homeless.

The reality of one man's vision is about to be brought to fruition in Clay County, Florida. For several years the homeless in Clay County have not had a shelter in which they could seek safe haven from the outside extremities of mother nature. That defeatism is about to be overcome with The Vineyard Transitional Center where Clay County's homeless will be able to go and escape the inconveniences of the storms and cruelties of living without a home.

The Vineyard's Buildings

The Vineyard will occupy two buildings where there will be a dormitory facility for food and shelter and another for counseling and "life classes" where education will be presented to enable individuals to learn skills which will help them seek employment opportunities. A steady income provides the necessary means for one to maintain and reside in a home. Continue to visit our site for future news about this exciting faith-based ministry for the homeless in Clay County!
The Vineyard Transitional Center

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