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Holidays can be "horrible" days for the homeless.

Holidays are horrible days for the homeless!

In a few days, most of us are going to be gathered around tables loaded with food, surrounded by family and friends as we share our attitudes of gratitude to our LORD for His love, safety, provisions and goodness to us. Not to be a "Debbie Downer" as my daughter so millenialously (I might have created a new word here :0)) calls it, but most of us will eat more in one day than an average homeless person will eat over the course of two weeks! I heard a staggering statistic the other day that one out of every six children in this country struggle with malnutrition and or the results of malnutrition. WOW!

Let me express that again: WOW: W-O-W! In a country where we throw away enough food every day to feed the entire world, one out of every six of our own children suffer from some form of hunger. Our ministry for the homeless see Americans - your fellow Americans living on mattresses, cardboard boxes, in abandoned cars, tents and wherever they can find some resemblance of shelter of which they can call home. Most of them ask us for the same thing . . . food. Not money or alcohol as so many believe, but the number one thing they seek first is FOOD! We need your help in order to help them with this basic human need.

We need canned goods that have self-opening tops to distribute to these homeless and hungry individuals seeking help. Should you choose to donate please make sure that the canned items can be opened by hand. Most homeless do not have electricity and do not have the ability to open a can with a can-opener. They eat canned goods such as beanie-weenies, ravioli, spaghetti, mini-sausages, canned meats such as tuna fish, chicken, ham or spam, canned fruit, or whatever the Lord of the harvest lays on your heart to give.

In addition to the non-perishable food items, the ministry also needs hand wipes to distribute as well. Most homeless do not have the capability to take baths or showers and whenever they try to wash themselves in a public bathroom they are "run off." Hand wipes are the next best thing they can use to stay clean. Won't you help to make this holiday season one of thanks, goodwill and hope for those who have lost those traits a long time ago. May God bless you as you do.

The Vineyard Transitional Center is a 501 C3 charitable organization and your gifts are tax-deductible. If you are not in our area or are unable to drop off food and wish to help, you can donate to help the homeless through the safety of PayPal using the security of our website. Please contact Amy Houston (904)651-8767 for further information.

Please enable us to help those in need this holiday season.

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