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Thank you to all participants for The Vineyard's First Annual Kickoff Tournament for the homeless

Three cheers for all the participants to this year's first annual kickoff to raise money to benefit the homeless of Clay County. Funds raised will go toward the purchase of The Vineyard's first campus to provide food, counseling and housing for the homeless right here in Clay County.

Congratulations to "the Black Pond Eagles" who convincingly claimed first place and their well earned championship of this year's tournament.

First Place Winner: the Black Pond Eagles

The Vineyard then wants to congratulate "the Scavengers" who earned second place as they scavenged their way to the top attempting to dominate the rest of the field. Everyone was such great sports as we raised money to put toward the purchase of The Vineyard's first campus for the homeless of Clay County.

2nd Pace winner: the Scavengers"

Our third place winner were "the Winers" who were the best uniformly dressed among the teams. They demonstrated great team spirit and good clean fun as they competed in the tournament.

Our third place winner: "the Winers"

We also want to express our appreciation for the other teams that competed as well. We are so grateful for everyone who participated whether they played on a team, cheered from a fan bench or served as a volunteer. Thank you - The Vineyard Transitional Team is very grateful for each of you. God's richest blessings for each of you is our sincerest prayer.

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