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The ministry is in desperate need of restocking handout supplies for the outreach ministries to the homeless. Here is a list of items that the homeless seek from us when we reach out to them throughout their locations.

The biggest NEEDS requested are:

  • Gloves

  • Blankets (dark colors)

  • Jackets ( with hoodies)

  • Slim pants - long legs 32-34/33/34

  • Rolling carts ( think like a salesperson would utilize )

  • Back packs / luggage containers with wheels

  • Tennis Shoes - Mens- 8-14 size

  • Nonperishable cans of food with hand-

  • opening tops such as Raviolis, Spaghettios,

      beef macaroni, mac'n'cheese and such.

     PLEASE make sure that the can has the self- 

     opening top. Homeless people do not have

     electricity and can-openers as do most people. :0)

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